The Warehouse Art Gallery – Exhibitions

The Warehouse Art Gallery Kaohsiung Taiwan

New Opening: April 16th @ 16:00

Exhibition: 16 – 30 April – “Inside our world, outside the world”

“Inside our world, outside the world” presents an artistic record of the way that people live in both the real and virtual world. In today’s globalized world, the ease and popularity of virtual communication has blurred the line between the virtual and real world. Thus, virtual communication has caused many people to forget the authenticity and warmth needed for physical human interaction. Smiling, gazing into each other’s eyes, and greeting one another warmly have been replaced by emotions and lols.

Through the illustrations of our often self-absorbed daily lives, “Inside our world, outside the world” seeks to find the gap between what is real and what is virtual and express the beauty that is within this gap. It is this beauty that will inspire people to rethink their “own world” within the real world.



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