Design Festival 2010

Design Festival Kaohsiung Taiwan
Design Festival Kaohsiung

The Kaohsiung Design Festival has been held annually for the past three years. The Festival aims to display creativity, passion and love of design. It is a big event in the field of design and will last for a period of 2 months. The Festival will promote Taiwanese designers and will be a mix of Taiwanese designers and designers from all over the world. There will be outdoor exhibitions, film screenings and lectures.

Date: 1st October until 28th November 2010

Venue: Pier-2 Art Centre

Admission: NT$199 per ticket NT$369 for two tickets. For group tickets contact Pier-2 Art Center. A group of six people will cost NT$888.

Where to buy tickets:

  • You can buy tickets in Eslite bookstores
  • Go to the Pier-2 Art Center or call them Tel: 07-5214899
  • Contact Arts Ticket

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More information on Pier-2 Art Centre is below.

Pier-2 Art Centre

This is a popular area and displays indoor and outdoor artworks. It is located around a distinguished disused wharf. The Pier-2 warehouse was originally used for sugar storage. This area is ideal for walking and cycling.

How to get there:

Metro / Underground:

  • Take the Orange Line to Yanchengpu (02)
  • Leave via Exit 1 and turn right
  • Walk for 4 minutes and you are there
    Total walk time 4 minutes

Address: No.1, Dayong Rd., Yancheng Dist., Kaohsiung City 803, Taiwan

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