Taiwan’s EcoARK will be featured on National Geographic Channel

EcoARK is a pavillion that has been built out of an amazing 1.52 million recycled plastic bottles for the Taipei International Flora Exposition. The structure will be shown tonight (27 March 2011) on the National Geographic Channel at 9:00 pm (Taiwan time). It will be featured as a modern wonder of “turning trash to treasure“.

The documentary on the National Geographic Channel is part of the Megastructures series. The program will be shown in 168 countries in 34 languages with an estimated audience of 370 million.

The Far Eastern Group, the sponsors of the structure said that their inspiration for the EcoARK came from seeing the large amount of plastic bottles that are recycled in Taiwan every year. Taiwan shops on average dispense 1.5 billion plastic and paper cups every year.

The Far Eastern Group has said “The EcoARK can fill a space equal to 3 Taipei 101 buildings and if joined end to end, their total length would circle Taiwan more than 1,000 times“. It has taken them 3 years of research and construction.

The building uses natural wind to provide air conditioning. The recycled bottles absorb the sunlight during the day and act as lights during the night. The structure is a way of turning waste into something valuable.

The EcoARK, also known as the Pavilion of Fashion, has attracted 1.5 million visitors to date.

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