Southern Taiwan experiences an influx of Foreigners

Taiwan’s Tourism Industry

Taiwan has been experiencing a massive influx of Mainland Chinese visitors. Hotels and other businesses are rushing to cater for the increase in demand.

Kaohsiung, Southern Taiwan has especially been popular as a tourist destination. Many hotels are experiencing an increasing amount of Mainlanders that have recently come to Kaohsiung and they are usually in large groups.

As a result, hotels are preparing for the greater demand of customers and expecting fierce competition among the hospitality industry. More financiers are investing money into buying hotels and property in Kaohsiung. Some investors are paying NT$960,000 a ping for scarce land.

Many Mainlanders have cancelled their holidays to Japan and are coming to Taiwan instead. April is normally the busiest year for Chinese tourists to Taiwan but so far this April has been the busiest. The next wave of Chinese tourists to visit Taiwan is said to be in June.

It is estimated that about 8,600 Chinese tourists enter into Taiwan every day. This number is set to increase if the Government allows the Chinese to enter Taiwan as individual tourists.

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