Taiwan’s Red Cross raises US$372 million for Japanese Earthquake Victims

Taiwan’s Red Cross has raised in donations US$372 million for the Japanese earthquake victims. The Red Cross raised US$26.6 million out of the US$372 million from a television fund raising show called “Fight and Smile”.

President Ma Ying-jeou and a few Taiwanese celebrities all took part in donating money to the cause. President Ma Ying-jeou asked the public to show their support for Japan. He pointed out that Japan helped Taiwan at the time of the 921 earthquake more than 11 years ago.

Ma also reiterated that “Taiwan has always been a provider of humanitarian aid and hopes everyone knows that the Taiwanese are very compassionate people“.

The fund raising show was broadcast live through many channels in Taiwan. The show was launched by Taiwan’s Association of Terrestrial Television Networks, Taiwan Television, Formosa Television and World Vision Taiwan (charity company).

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