Syongjhen North Gate

Syongjhen Northgate Kaohsiung
Syongjhen North Gate

There is not much left of the Syongjhen North Gate Kaohsiung except the Arched Gateway and thick walls.  It is worth a visit, but you can probably absorb it all within about 10 minutes. The area was built around 1875 and once used as a fort. However, the canons have since been removed. Bear in mind that this tourist attraction is a bit sparse.


  • It’s attractive and is a historic relic


  • The Gate is just at the entrance to SunYat Sen University and The Former British Consulate at Dagou, so it’s very convenient to view those on the same trip.
  • There is not much left of this site, so it probably won’t take you more that 10 minutes viewing time.


Address: No.6, Lianhai Rd., Gushan District, Kaohsiung City

How to get there:

Metro / Underground

  • Take the Orange Line and get off at Sizihwan¬† (O1). Take exit 1.
  • Head towards Kaohsiung Harbour and Sun Yat-Sen University (15 minutes).

Total Walk Time = 15 – 18 minutes

Extra Info: This is also known as Xiongzhen North Gate

Syongjhen Northgate
Syongjhen North Gate - Back View
Syongjhen Northgate
Syongjhen North Gate Sign

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