Taiwan’s Pearl Milk Tea is a success in London

Taiwan’s Pearl Milk Tea, also known as Bubble Milk Tea is becoming more widely known and popular in London.

A British investment banker, Assad Khan first tasted the Taiwanese bubble tea in New York 6 years ago. When he returned to London he was not able to find the drink easily. At the start of this year, he decided to launch a tea house called “Bubbleology” in Soho London and serve the Pearl Milk Tea. It has become an instant success with the British people.

Mr Khan estimated selling 250 cups of tea a day but his sales numbers are actually 500 cups per day. He currently has 7 bubble tea flavours and 6 pearl fruit flavours. This July, Khan plans to open another shop in an  expensive department store in London.

Khan has visited Taiwan on 2 occasions. The first being to visit suppliers and the second to receive tea making training and how to operate the equipment. During his stay he drank more than 30 cups of tea a day in order to bring an authentic pearl milk tea to London.

Pearl milk tea is an important part of Taiwanese culture. Khan believes that his tea house will help instigate more interest and curiosity about Taiwan in Britain and promote its history and food traditions.

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