Megaport Music Festival

The Megaport Music Festival takes place once a year and many different rock artists perform.

The British band 65daysofstatic played at The Wall,  Pier-2 Art District in Kaohsiung on the weekend (March 5th – 6th) and will now play in Taipei tomorrow (March 8th). Next stop will be Singapore on the 13th March at the Esplanade Concert Hall (Mosaic Festival) in Singapore.

65daysofstatic are from Sheffield in England. Their first album “The Fall of Math” came out in 2004 which was a mixture of progressive rock and electronica.

Megaport Music Festival will be in Taipei

Band: 65daysofstatic

Date: Tuesday 8th March 2011

Where: The Wall, B1, 200, Roosevelt Rd Sec 4, Taipei City, Taiwan

Tickets: NT$1,400 at the door, NT$1,200 in advance. Tickets can be bought at 7-11 ibon

Useful Information

Megaport Music Festival Blogspot (only in Chinese)

Official Website: 65daysofstatic

Email: (for English info),

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