The History of Cijin Island’s Cihou Fort

Cihou Fort (or spelt Qihou Fort) is a 19th Century Fort that used to guard the northern entrance to Kaohsiung Harbour. The entrance of the Fort was destroyed by the Japanese in the battle of Yiwei in 1895.

Two out of the four Chinese characters inscribed on the Fort Gate were recognised in a historical photograph as “Tian” meaning “Sky” and “Nan” meaning “South“.

When Kaohsiung City Government began restoration of the Fort in 1991, the historical photograph was magnified and used as a reference in producing the replica of the Chinese Characters.

One source of information believes that the four characters were inscribed as “Di Jhu Tian Nan” meaning The Great Stone Holds the Southern Sky.

Cihou Fort is a fascinating and interesting place to visit especially from a historical and strategic perspective. Cihou Fort has served as a defense against the Mudan tribe, the Japanese, and the Chinese. At the top of the Fort you can see Cijin beach and the 85 Sky Tower in the distance.


How to get there:

Metro / Underground

  • Take the Orange Line and get off at Sizihwan (R01). Take exit 1
  • It’s sign posted from there. Basically you turn left and go straight for 5 – 8 minutes to the harbour
  • Take the ferry to Cijin Island

Total Walk Time = 8 minutes to the Island

Ferry Instructions:

  • The Cijin Ferry is very easy to use, and doesn’t require any speaking. Therefore, language is not a problem.
  • Simply queue at the entrance with the people (or at the motorbike section if you have a motorbike)
  • When you get to the barrier there is a transparent box that you need to put your money into (currently 15 NT dollars for adults)
  • Board the ferry, and within 10 minutes you will be at Cijin Island.
  • It’s the same procedure to get back.


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