Fongshan City – Attractions

Some History about Fongshan

Fongshan City is located in Southern Kaohsiung County, Taiwan. Over 350,000 people live in Fongshan City.

During the Qing Dynasty, Fongshan County had two locations. The old Fongshan County used to be where Zuoying is now.

The Qing Government built government buildings and many Confucian Temples. Fongshan is now known for it’s many temples.

The Qing Dynasty prevented the building of defensive walls, in a bid to prevent any rebellions. A rebellion happened in 1721 where many buildings were destroyed. The city therefore, did not build its walls until 1721.

Fongshan City Now

Fongshan City has a lot of history and is worth a visit. It is continually being modernised and updated with new coffee shops, restaurants and shops.

East Side Door, Flying Square and Fongshan river can all be seen in Fongshan City.

Teaching English in Fongshan City

Global Village Organization, Kojen English School and Wells English all have a branch located in Fongshan City.  It only takes about 20 minutes via the Metro (Orange line) from Kaohsiung City.

Nearby Attractions:

  • Jhong Jheng Park next to Dadong Station (O13)

- butterfly statues can be seen and a great place for fishing

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  1. I read your post about fongshan city.It is very interesting and you mentioned a lot of temples there. I love to visit temples. I will be going to china for a holiday soon and after reading about fongshan city,I am now very interested in visiting fongshan in Taiwan. I do not know much about kaohsiung,and I will be looking forward to read more about kaohsiung too.

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