Dragonair will increase flights to Kaohsiung & Mainland China

Dragonair is planning to increase the number of flights going to Kaohsiung and to many places in Mainland China, taking effect from this March 27th (2011).

The flight services to Kaohsiung will increase from 32 flights per week to 42 flights per week. There will also be an extra flight to Xiamen making a total of four flights per day. Three more flights will go to Ningbo making a total of 10 flights per week.

Since last year, demand for flights going to and from Taiwan and Mainland China has been increasing. Dragonair are responding to the demand and increasing flight services. The extra flights will be able to offer customers a greater choice thus more convenience.

Some of the flights (starting from the summer) will also see the following changes:

  • Increases in services from Hong Kong to Nanjing, Chengdu and Chongqing in Mainland China.
  • Number of flights to Nanjing and Chengdu will rise to twice a day.

There are many hotels in Kaohsiung that offer special rates.

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