Moon Festival

Moon FestivalMoon Festival / Mid-Autumn Festival

This festival celebrated by the Chinese is also referred to as “The Mooncake Festival” or “The Lantern Festival“.  In Chinese “Zhongqiu Jie” which literally means “Mid Autumn Festival“.

It is held on the 15th day of the eighth month in the Chinese calendar. This is around late September or early October in the Gregorian calendar. This year it will fall on Wednesday 22nd September 2010. The moon is supposed to be at it’s biggest and roundest on this day. Traditionally, the Chinese celebrate by getting together with family and friends and watching the moon. They will eat Mooncakes (a Chinese pastry filled with lotus seed paste and egg yolk) and pomelos (a citrus fruit).  The Taiwanese will often celebrate by having a barbecue.

Moon Festival Kaohsiung
Large Round Mooncake

Mooncakes at Moon Festival, Kaohsiung
An Assortment of Mooncakes

This is a popular festival for tourists in Kaohsiung. There is normally a huge fireworks display on the banks of The Love River.


How to get there:

Metro / Underground:

  • Take the Orange Line to Yanchengpu (R02) and leave via exit 1
  • Wufu 4th Road is just on your left.  Turn right onto it, and walk towards The Love River (10 minutes)

    Moon Festival Pomelos
    Pomelos (A citrus fruit)

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