Kaohsiung Spring Arts Festival 2011

Kaohsiung Spring Arts Festival, Bugs Bunny at the Symphony

A large music festival in Southern Taiwan brought to audiences by Discovery and BBC. This year’s Kaohsiung Spring Arts Festival is expected to be bigger and better than last year.

Here are this year’s program of events:


La Dame aux Camelia by Tadashi Suzuki

  • February Sat 19th, 19:30
  • February Sun 20th, 14:30
  • Jhihde Hall
  • Admission: NT$500 (student), NT$800 NT$1200 NT$1500 NT$2000 NT$2500 NT$3000
  • For tickets contact 7-11 ibon or Arts Ticket

Asian Premiere of “Bugs Bunny at the Symphony”

  • February Sat 26th & Sun 27th, 19:00
  • Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts
  • Open for entrance at 17:30
  • Lakefront Outdoor Concert
  • Admission: NT$499
  • For tickets contact 7-11 ibon or Arts Ticket


Beautiful Music from Aboriginal people “On The Road”

  • March Sat 5th & Sun 6th, 19:00
  • Kaohsiung Museum of Arts
  • Lakefront Outdoor Concert
  • First musical to combine music, film and drama
  • Admission: NT$499
  • For Tickets contact 7-11 ibon or Arts Ticket

Kronos Quartet “Sun Rings”

  • March Sun 6th. 19:30
  • Jhihde Hall
  • Admission: NT$500 (student) NT$8000 NT$1200 NT$1500 NT$1800
  • For Tickets contact 7-11 ibon or Arts Ticket

Ten Drum Percussion Group & Tso’s Dance Association

  • March 11th – 12th

SunHope Taiwanese Opera Troupe & Kaohsiung City Chinese Orchestra         “Eyes of your Mind”

  • March 18th – 19th

Kaohsiung City Symphony Orchestra, Liszt 200th Anniversary Concert I

  • March 20th


Kaohsiung City Ballet “Cinderella”

  • April 1st – 2nd

Counterpoint “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”

  • April 3rd – 5th

Taiwanese Song Concert

  • April 16th

Taiwan Drama Performance “Dream of Independence”

  • April 21st – 23rd

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