Taiwan’s Ultra Marathon Mama

Taiwan’s Ultra Marathon Runner’s Leg Amputated

The Kaohsiung Marathon is taking place next month and will attract thousands of runners.

Last year, a 51 year old mother of two (Chiu) became known as “Taiwan’s Ultra Marathon Mama“.

The Ultra Marathon, which is an amazing 1,500 km race took place over 18 days in France.

On the 16th day of the race, Chiu’s blisters broke. She triumphantly carried on running and finished 17th out of the 44 runners that took part.

The blisters turned into an infection and she was later diagnosed with Septicemia.

Her right leg had to be amputated and the sole of her left foot was removed.

Since then she has been nicknamedTaiwan’s Ultra Marathon Mama“, which I think is quite apt.

Since then, it is said that she still stays active and carries on running today.

This story is incredibly motivating and I’m sure will inspire all runners.

Want to watch Kaohsiung’s 2011 Marathon?

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