Wufu 4th Road

Wufu 4th Road Kaohsiung
Wufu 4th Road

Wufu 4th Road is one of the main areas for shopping, eating and drinking in downtown Kaohsiung. You can find many pubs and bars, shops and hotels all along this street. There are many attractions nearby such as The KH Film Archives and the Pier 2 Art Centre. The Nanhua Tourist Night Market is also very close if you feel like a midnight snack. The road actually bridges over one of the most scenic parts of the Love River.

Wufu 4th Road is a great location that locals and tourists return to time after time because of the variety and number of things to do in the area. It also has the highest concentration of pubs in Kaohsiung.


How to get there:

Metro / Underground

  • Take the Orange line and get off at Yanchengpu (o2). You are now in the heart of Wufu 4th Road

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