The Town of Zuoying

Zuoying Town, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Zuoying Town

Zuoying is a distinctive old town in Kaohsiung. It has a unique charm and lots of character. The area was actually one of the first areas to be developed in Kaohsiung.

The area can be traced back to the Ming Dynasty where many Han people decided to settle.

It fuses the old with the new. This is what makes it an interesting place to visit.

The famous Lotus Lake and Jhouzih Wetland Park are beautiful tourist attractions in the area. The famous Zuoying Wannian Festival takes place at Lotus Lake.

You can easily walk around the area, see some temples, see the beautiful mountain scenery and just absorb the history and cultural atmosphere.


  • Zuoying Train Station
  • Zuoying Shopping Area

How to get there:


  • Take the Red Line to Zuoying Station (R16)

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