The Galley Pub

The Galley Bar Kaohsiung
Front Entrance of The Galley

The Galley Pub has SHUT DOWN in December 2010.  It has been replaced by the Leader Bar


The Galley Bar is one of the friendliest pubs in Kaohsiung. It has a large downstairs area for eating and drinking, and an upstairs with a pool table. It’s owned by an Englishman and his Taiwanese wife, and all staff speak great English.

The Galley Kaohsiung has a great atmosphere. It is popular with the local Taiwanese as well as the foreigners.


  • One of the cheapest bars for pints of beer – only NT$100. Most other bars charge at least NT$150.
  • Several TVs including a massive screen at the back of the bar
  • Good music and atmosphere
  • English speaking and friendly service
  • No service charge on drinks or food
  • Good food at pub prices

Nearby Bars:

Address: 3 Dujing Road Sanmin District, Kaohsiung City   Tel: (07) 533-8989

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