The Light House Bar and Grill

Light House Kaohsiung
The Light House Kaohsiung

The Lighthouse Bar and Grill is a large and friendly bar in the Kaohsiung Arena area of Kaohsiung.

They have menus in English and Chinese, and the prices for food and drink are standard for Kaohsiung.

They do have English speaking staff, and this places is popular with tourists and westerners living in Kaohsiung.

Address: 239 Fuguo Road, Zuoying (Tsoying), Gushan District, Kaohsiung City Tel: (07) 559-2614

How to get there:

  • Take the Red Line Metro, and exit at the Kaohsiung Arena Metro (R14)
  • Walk down Yucheng Road (past Pojen hospital on the corner)
  • Turn Left into Fuguo Road
  • The Lighthouse is just down on the left


  • Many Chinese Restaurants, and 2 Thai restaurants

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