Central Park

Central Park Kaohsiung
Bridge & Water Feature

On the weekend, you can see some of the Taiwanese people relaxing or playing Mahjong (Chinese: má jiàng), families taking a walk, people having a picnic, pet owners walking their dog or people jogging. Kaohsiung’s Central Park is a great place to get some tranquility, peace and calm away from the shops and restaurants. The landscape is beautifully presented and well looked after. However, by Western standards this park is quite small. You could probably walk across the park in 10 minutes in any direction.

Central Park

Just outside the park there is a rental bike self-service stand. You are able to rent one out very cheaply to ride around the park. While your here, take a look inside Central Park Station. The design is impressive and worth a look.


  • This is a small park that is great for strolling or picnics.
  • The park is not big enough for serious trekkers, but still worth a visit for those wishing to take a harmonious break from the local shopping areas.
  • There is a little maze and a small children’s playground.


  • Central Park Shopping Area

How to get there:

Metro / MRT / Underground

  • Take the Red Line to Central Park MRT Station (R9)

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