Warehouse Art Gallery


Paintings at the Warehouse Art Gallery Kaohsiung
Paintings at the Warehouse Art Gallery

The Warehouse Art Gallery is a non-profit organisation, aimed at uplifting the community and spreading love and beauty.

Based in Kaohsiung, The Warehouse Art Gallery is a community orientated organisation aiming to not just up lift the art community but also help young Taiwanese or foreigners to enter the art community in Taiwan.

The Warehouse Art Gallery is a place for all kinds of art from paintings, visual arts, drama/acting to sculptures, and  is also involved in various charity fund raisers and project.

Address: 67 Jyuguang Road, Yan-Chen District, Kaohsiung, Taiwan  (in the Pier 2 Art District)

How to get there: Follow instructions to the Pier 2 Art District

Cost: Usually if the art that is on displayed is up for sale then there is no entrance fee.

Contact: Igor Scheurkogel (Director) – Tel: 0932 028 992 – igortel2000@gmail.com

Official Website: Warehouse Art Gallery Kaohsiung

Latest Exhibition: Latest Exhibition

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Warehouse Art Gallery Kaohsiung Painting Display
Painting Display
Warehouse Art-Gallery-Kaohsiung Entrance
Front Entrance

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