Pier 2 Art District – Modern Art Wharf

Picture - Pier 2 Kaohsiung
Painting on wall at Pier 2

The Pier 2 Art Centre in Kaohsiung is a hub of outdoor and indoor art warehouse and museums set around an old and charming disused wharf. The wharf is now called the “Yencheng Passenger Wharf“.

The main building, The Pier 2 Warehouse, was once a used to store sugar, but now houses different contemporary art throughout the year. The surrounding grounds are full of modern art sculptures, statues and decorated buildings. There are miles of walking paths and a cycle path that cuts through the art district which adds to the fresh feel of the area.

Pier 2 is the best place in Kaohsiung for modern art fans, and the area is bustling with young art lovers and visitors.

The district comprises of not only the Pier 2 Warehouse, but several other art galleries and museums, which are all next to each other. Some of the other galleries are currently:

  • Super Nature Conceptual Art of Mimicry Exhibition

  • The Wall Live House

  • Kaohsiung Museum of Labour

  • Tung Fang Institute of Technology – Shigeo Fukuda Design Museum

  • Mechanical Art on Component Street


  • Great modern art, inside and outside

  • Scenic surroundings

  • Clever use of previously abandoned and disused space


  • This is a great place to spend 1/2 – 1 day as there is lots to see.

  • The exhibitions are always changing, so multiple visits are a must

  • There are lots of nice walks and cycling routes around the surrounding area


  • Hamasen

How to get there:

Metro / Underground

  • Take the Orange Line to Yanchengpu (02)

  • Leave via Exit 1 and turn right

  • Walk for 4 minutes and you are there

Total walk time 4 minutes

Address: 1 Da Yong Road (at the end of the road by Yencheng Passenger Wharf, port of Kaohsiung)

Pier 2 Art District Decorated House
Pier 2 Art District Decorated House
Pier 2 Art Centre Wall Painting
Pier 2 Kaohsiung Art Centre Wall Painting

3 thoughts on “Pier 2 Art District – Modern Art Wharf

  1. This place is amazing, and they’ve actually just opened up a bar there called “Coastal”. It’s where a few scenes were filmed for the 2011 film, Black and White. Pier 2 is a really great place to spend the afternoon. The artwork is changing all the time, and my camera bug friends go crazy there! It’s easily accessible by bicycle and MRT, and there’s also a decent-sized parking lot for cars and scooters.

  2. Hello and thank you. We would like to contact the Pier-2 Art Center, in order to propose an exhibition to them. The exhibition is about popular American art, dealing with the cinema. Do you have their e-mail address?

    Thank you again.

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