Thai Cuisine Restaurant

Thai Cuisine Restuarant Kaohsiung
Thai Cuisine Restaurant

The Thai Cuisine Restaurant is one of the best places to eat genuine Thai food in Kaohsiung. The general manager (Pai Yu Yen) and her daughter speak great English and are extremely hospitable and friendly.

Each item on the menu has a picture and an English description, so it’s very clear to see what you are getting. My favourites are the coconut chicken, phad thai, stir fried water spinach with shrimp sauce, and the papaya salad with salted eggs.

Favourite Dishes at Thai Cuisine Restuartant
Favourite Dishes as described above

The menu is simple and everything is cooked fresh, and extremely delicious. Food prices are midrange for Kaohsiung, each dish is approximately NT$120 – NT$150, and 2 people might share 3 – 4 dishes plus rice. So, a meal for 2 without drinks will cost approximately NT$600

There are also lots of other restaurants, bars, and shops to choose from in the area.

Address: 249 Yucheng Road, Kaohsiung Arena Tel: 07-558-2522  Mobile: 0939 606 028

How to get there:

Metro / Underground

  • Take the Red Line to the Kaohsiung Arena (R14)
  • Walk down Yucheng Road for 5 minutes, and the Thai Cuisine Restaurant is on the right (Just past Andy’s Pizza)

Total Walk time is about 6 minutes


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