New House Italian Restaurant

New House, Kaohsiung Taiwan
Front Entrance to New House - Fuguo Rd

New House is an Italian Restaurant off Mingcheng Road, near Aozihdi station (R13). They serve pasta, spaghetti, pizza, risotto and soups. The Chicken & Pesto Spaghetti is recommended and costs only NT$130. New House is open from 12 pm until 10 pm. They do get busy on Saturday lunchtimes so it is a good idea to get there early.

Prices ranges from NT$120 to NT$250. They are very reasonably priced and use good quality ingredients. If you pay an extra NT$100 you can order soup of the day (which is normally corn) and a drink with your main meal. Staff are very friendly and efficient. They will keep topping your glass up with lemon water which is included in your meal. Once you have finished your meal you can go to the counter to pay. At the counter they will ask you if you enjoyed your meal and 10% service will be added, if satisfied.

The seating and decor is comfortable and cosy. You will feel like you have plenty of space as the seating is spread out. An excellent choice for a lunch or a dinner and if you are looking for good quality Italian food at a very reasonable price.

Official Website (in Chinese only): Here

Address: 117 Fuguo Road (off Mingcheng Road), Zuoying, Kaohsiung, Taiwan Tel: 07-556-5338

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