Lao Song Beef Noodle

Lao Song Beef Noodle, Kaohsiung Taiwan
Lao Song Beef Noodle

Lao Song Beef Noodle Restaurant is located on Wufu 4th Road near the Love River. The owner Lao Song is friendly and inviting, and very proud of their signature beef noodle soup.

The staff do not speak much English however, the menu is translated into English with large pictures. The beef noodle soups are very reasonably priced between NT$ 80 – NT$150. Lao Song’s is a great place for lunch. Service is quick and the seats are comfortable.

Address: Wufu 4th Road, Yancheng District, Kaohsiung


One thought on “Lao Song Beef Noodle

  1. I absolutely love Lao Song Beef Noodles. It’s the first place on my list when I visit Kaohsiung. They always seem to be busy but I’ve never had a problem getting a table right away. The beef noodles, dry or soup, are amazing and come out very quickly. I also recommend the cold cucumber appetizer – it’s so tasty and refreshing. If you want a comfortable atmosphere and some delicious lunch, this is the perfect place.

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