The Love River

Love River Kaohsiung
Love River at Night

The Love River Kaohsiung is the focal point of the city, running from the South of the city up to the North. The river itself is stunning and peaceful. At one time it was very polluted, but the city council invested a lot of money and time cleaning it up. It is now super clean and the centre piece and charm of Kaohsiung. Apart from the beautiful scenery provided by the Love River Kaohsiung, it provides  miles of walkways and bike paths. Situated along the river banks are many cafes, bars, and restaurants. You can also water ski or take a ride on a boat along the Love River. Many evenings, musicians can be found playing to the crowds. There are so many attractions along the Lover River that visitors and locals alike never tire of it and return time after time.


  • Lovely long walks or cycling during the daytime or night time.
  • Lots of cafes, bars, restaurants, and cultural places of interest nearby.


  • The main (and best) part of the Love River is around where Wufu 4th Road bridges over the river.


How to get there:

The Love River runs through the city South to North and can be accessed from just about everywhere. However, the most scenic part with the most attractions is where the Wufu Road crosses over the river.

Metro / Underground:

  • Take the Orange Line and get off at Yanchengpu (R02)
  • Take the exit for Wufu road and walk east up Wufu Road toward the Love River (10 minutes)

Total time: 8 minutes

Love River Kaohsiung
Water Skier on Love River

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