Kaohsiung Tower

Also known as The Tuntex Sky Tower
Also known as 'The Tuntex Sky Tower'

The Kaohsiung Tower is also known as the Tuntex Sky Tower, and 85 Skytower, it is the 2nd tallest sky scraper in Taiwan.

At 378 m (1,240 ft) it has a mixture of office space, shopping, restaurants and a hotel.

The 75th floor is an observation deck where you can get the best views of Kaohsiung. There is a small charge for entry to the observation deck, but it is well worth the money.

Aside from outstanding views of Kaohsiung City and its harbour, there are displays of art, classical music, and a small cafe.

A more detailed history of the building structure can be found at the bottom of this page.


  • 75th floor observation deck
  • Shopping, restaurants, bars
  • Splendor Hotel (occupies floor 37 -70 and owns the observation deck)


  • It’s a good idea to combine a visit here along with a visit to the Singuang Ferry Wharf because they are so close to each other.
  • The price of coffee and tea in the cafe is very reasonable considering the location.

How to get there:

Metro / Underground:

  • Take the Red Line and get off at R8 (Sanduo Shopping District)
  • Head West down Sanduo 3rd Road towards the harbour (10 – 15 minutes)

Nearby Attractions:

Address: No.1,Tzu-Chiang 3rd Road, Kaohsiung City 802, Taiwan, ROC. Tel: 07-5668000 Fax: 07-5668080

  • Admission (to the observation deck): NT$100


C.Y. Lee & Partners, Hellmuth, Obata & Kassabaum. The unusual design of the building was intended to resemble the Chinese character for “tall” which is also the first syllable of Kaohsiung.

The following excerpt is copied from a display within the observation deck of the Tuntex Tower:

The 85 SKYTOWER is an 85 floor skyscraper located in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan.

Situated in downtown Ling Ya district the structure is 347.6M (1,140FT) high.

An antenna pushes the building height to 378 m (1,240 ft). The building was constructed from 1989 to 1999.

It is the tallest in Kaohsiung, and was the tallest in Taiwan until the completion of Taipei 101.

It is the 13th tallest in the world. Over NT$10 billion was invested in the construction of the building, which used 58,000 tons of reinforced steel, making it the sturdiest steel construction ever.

Furthermore, high performance concrete, which was the result of 11 years of research and development, was used for the first time in construction.

The 85 Sky Tower can withstand over 8000 pounds of pressure – after work was completed, tests applying over 16,000 pounds of pressure were conducted, making it three times more resilient to pressure than other skyscrapers.

The outer wall used high quality granite tiles with a strengthened glass curtain, which can withstand a wind pressure of 12.7Kpa at most.

Furthermore, the connecting walls in the building are 1M thick and go down 445M deep, making them unshakably founded.

The View Deck on the 74th floor, owned by the Splendor Kaohsiung, is served by three NT$140 million high speed elevators, which are the fastest in the world and can travel from the first to the 75th floor in 43 seconds at speeds of 600 meters per minutes.

Kaohsiung Tower View Kaohsiung
View from The Kaohsiung Tower
Kaohsiung Tower
View from The Tower - Singuang Ferry Wharf
Kaohsiung Tower
Amazing View over Kaohsiung

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