Fongshan City

Fongshan River, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Fongshan River in Kaohsiung

Things to Do in Fongshan City

Fongshan Walled City

There were four gates in which to enter the walled Fongshan City – North, South, East and West.

The North Gate

The North Gate is also called the “Gongchen Gate“.

By the gate there are two sculptures of gods. One of the gods is called “Shentu” and the other one is called “Yulei“.

The South Gate

The South Gate is also called the “Ciwun Gate“. The gate is located in the centre of the road. The gate was built with granite. In 1961, it was renovated with concrete.

The East Gate

The East Gate is also called the “Fongyi Gate“.

The West Gate

The West Gate is also called the “Dianhai Gate“. The West Gate is no longer here as it was destroyed during the rule of the Japanese. Now, you can see silver monument to display where the East Gate was.

East Side Door

The East Side Door was built in 1788, the wall of the New Fongshan County was originally made of Bamboo.

By 1804, six gates were constructedEast Gate, East Side Door, West Gate, South Gate, North Gate and North Exterior Gate.

Tongfu Bridge, Fongshan City, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Tongfu Bridge, Fonshan City

The East Side Door is also known as the “Tongyi Door“. Located in the South Eastern corner of New Fongshan County. The East Side Door was built in  1839. The door was made out of Lao-gu stones and earth.

Originally, there was a bridge outside the East Side Door called “Tongfu Bridge“.  In 2001, the old bridge was destroyed in a flood caused by Typhoon Trami.

The bridge has been restored and you can also see a temple called “Tongfu Temple

East Side Door, Fongshan City, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
East Side Door in Fongshan City

Tongfu Temple, Fongshan City, Kaohsiung Taiwan
Tongfu Temple by East Side Door in Fongshan City

Emplacements Fongshan

In 1837, the Governor of the County , Cao Jin, installed four emplacements in four corners of the County. The other three were called Syuanfong, Chenglan and Pingcheng. The emplacements were built for better defence mechanisms.

Chenglan Emplacement, Fongshan City, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Chenglan Emplacement in Fongshan City

Moat of Fongshan County

The Moat of Fongshan County has 170 years worth of history. The moat wall was made out of earth and is now v-shaped.  Now, the shape and width of the moat has changed due to flooding.The Kaohsiung County Government renovated the moat in 2008. They used traditional stone piling. This renovation has also worked to prevent flooding and improve the environment.

Flying Square Fongshan

Flying Square is an area which has been modernised with art statues and cafe’s. It has turned into a peaceful and quiet area.The construction plans are to create landscape walking paths, artistic streets, attractive walls, water features and relaxing coffee shops. The idea is to create something similar to Kaohsiung City’s Urban Spotlight in Central Park.

Coffee Shop, Flying Square, Fongshan City, Kaohsiung
Coffee Shop in Flying Square, Fongshan City
Statue Flying Square, Fongshan City, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Statue in Flying Square

Jhong Jheng Park

Jhong Jheng Park is actually located nearer to Dadong Station (013), one stop on from Fongshan. If you come out of exit 1 and turn left you will see the park.

Jhong Jheng Park, Dadong, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Jhong Jheng Park Front Entrance

It is a peaceful relaxing park. You can see large butterfly statues, a lovely pond where you can go fishing. Ducks can also be seen here. On a Sunday, many families will go for a stroll and enjoy the environment.

Jhong Jheng Park, Dadong, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Butterfly Statue in Jhong Jheng Park

Bear Statues

If you come out of exit 1 out of Dadong Station (O13)  you will see many colourful bear statues. They are located in a strange place right next to a car park. They are interesting and worth taking a photo.

Dadong Station
Bear Statue next to Dadong Station

Places to Stay in Fongshan City

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