Cishan Kaohsiung - Banana Farm
Banana Farm in Cishan


Cishan (Chishan or Qishan) is a town in northwestern Kaohsiung. It is very close to Meinong town. ¬†They are both traditional Hakka villages. Meinong is know for it’s tranquility and paper umbrellas whereas Cishan is known for its banana farms and old town.

What to Do and See in Cishan

Cishan Old Street

The houses, which were modeled on Baroque architecture, were built on Jhongshan Road during 1925 and 1930 in the Japanese occupation period. One of the main points of interest here are the arched arcades made of locally quarried sandstone.

Address: Fusing St to Jhongshan St., Cishan Town, Kaohsiung County, Taiwan

Cishan Kaohsiung County
Cishan Old Street

Cishan Sugar Refinery

The sugar refinery played a major role in developing Cishan as an area. It was established during the occupation of the Japanese. The refinery is famous and well liked for its ice cream these days.

Address: No.33 Jhongxiao St., Tangchang Li, Cishan Town, Kaohsiung County, Taiwan

Cishan Hakka Village

This Hakka village in Cishan was completely destroyed in typhoon Morakot on 8th August 2009. Hundreds of people were killed, homes and businesses were demolished in the typhoon. After a year of reconstruction by the Buddhist community, the Hakka people are recovering from the disaster more and more every day. There are stalls selling aborigine arts and crafts and indigenous foods such as taro (which tastes like sweet potato).

Cishan Hakka Village, Kaohsiung
Decorated Garden at the Hakka Village

Cishan Confucius Temple

Cishan Confucius Temple is the only temple left in Cishan. It has been the religious center for Cishan people. There are beautiful views from the top of the temple.It is peaceful, quiet and easy to spend an hour or more here.

Cishan Temple, Kaohsiung County
Cishan Confucius Temple

Cishan Catholic Church

The church was designed and built in 1950. The Catholic Church is decorated in a Gothic style with elaborate detail.

Address: No. 6 Deyi St. Cishan Town, Kaohsiung County Tel: 07-661-2344

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