Chengcing Lake

Chengcing Lake Kaohsiung
Jhongsing Pagoda - Chengcing Lake


Chengcing Lake is the largest lake in Kaohsiung and is a very popular tourist destination within Southern Taiwan. It is a man-made reservoir that draws in water from the Kaoping River. It is located in Niaosong Town. The total area of Chengcing Lake exceeds three hundred hectares. The lake occupies one hundred and three hectares of the total land area.

Chengcing Lake Beautiful Scenery
Beautiful Scenery at Chengcing Lake

Brief History

Chengcing Lake was originally called “Ta’Pei Lake”. In 1952, the Government rebuilt the lake so they could supply water for industrial use. In 1963, the late President Chiang Kai-Shek renamed the lake to “Chengcing Lake”. In 1960, the Government opened the lake as a sightseeing area. Now, the lake is very famous for it’s beautiful scenery and things to see.

Main Attractions

At the lake you can see the following: The Nine-cornered Bridge, the Jhongsing Pagoda, Fu-Kuo (Guo) Island, the Bell Tower, the Three Pavilions, the Bronze Statue of Flying Tazuko and Chiang Kai-Shek’s Travelling Residence.

Chengcing Lake, Chiang's Residence
President Chiang's Residence

Chengcing Lake, The Bell Tower
The Bell Tower

The Nine-cornered Bridge is 230 meters long and 2.5 metres wide. The Jhongsing Pagoda is the lake’s tallest structure at 43 metres. You can reach the top by climbing a winding staircase. Once you get to the top (7 floors high) you can get an excellent panoramic view over Kaohsiung. An excellent place for taking photos.

Chengcing Lake, Nine-cornered Bridge
Nine-cornered Bridge

Fu-Kuo (Guo) Island (Phu Quoc Island)

Fu-Guo Island is very peaceful and has beautiful scenery. It is easy to relax here.  Originally, the Island was small with an area of 100 square metres. It was reconstructed in 1955. In memory of General Huang, the Island was named Phu Quoc Island. After the Mainland fell under the rule of the Communist Party, General Huang led tens of thousands of army soldiers to Vietnam. They were stationed at Phu Quoc Island and then later moved to Taiwan.

Other Attractions

Chengcing Lake, Kaohsiung is a tranquil place with beautiful scenery which is ideal for walking, cycling, running, fishing, having a picnic and relaxing. There is a barbecue district. You just need to bring your own coal, food and drinks. On Sunday lunchtimes, you will see many Taiwanese families and friends having a barbecue. There are two aquarium’s at Chengcing Lake. One is free entry and one costs NT$100 for an adult.

Nearby there is a Youth Hostel which has a fully equipped recreation outdoor centre. Here you can try rock climbing, paint ball shooting, camping, mountain training or swimming.

Chengcing Lake
Peacock in Bird Avery
Chengcing Lake, Wildlife
Wildlife at Chengcing Lake


  • Dome Baseball Stadium
  • Golf Club
  • Grand Hotel, Chengcing Lake
  • YH Activity Centre

How to get there:

By Car / Motorbike:

  • Drive east down Jiangong Rd. Cross over Benguan Rd. Intersection into Ciouchang Rd. Follow Ciouchang all the way around until you come to the entrance of Chengcing Lake. This will be signposted.

By Bus:

  • No. 60, 70 and 79

Opening Times:

  • Summer – (from April until October) 6:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Winter – (from November until March) 6:00 AM – 5:30 PM

Ticket Prices:

  • Adult – NT$ 100, Children – NT$ 50, Group Ticket – 20% Discount for over 30 people
  • Bus – NT$60, Car – NT$ 40, Motorbike – NT$ 30, Bicycle – NT$ 5

Useful Information

  • Kaohsiung Chang Gung Memorial Hospital: 07-7313123
  • Tahua Police Station: 07-3701994
  • Taiwan Water Corporation (in Chinese) – Click Here
  • Taiwan Water Corporation (in English) – Click Here

Address: No. 32 Dapi Road, Niao-song Township, Kaohsiung County 833, Taiwan

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