Banana Warehouse Kaohsiung

Banana Warehouse, Banana Pier at Fisherman's Wharf, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Front Entrance to Banana Pier

About the Banana Pier Kaohsiung

The Banana Pier is located by Fisherman’s Wharf, Kaohsiung.  The nearest Metro station is Yanchengpu on the Orange Line (O2).

The Warehouse  used to be used for storing bananas. In the 1960s, a huge amount of bananas were exported from Kaohsiung to Japan.

Japanese consumers’ were the largest buyers of bananas that were grown in Taiwan. At this time, most fruit exports were sent from the Port of Kaohsiung.

The Banana Warehouse was opened to help stop the bananas from decomposing from the warm weather. The opening of the Warehouse greatly helped the export trade to increase in Taiwan.

As Taiwan’s banana trade has since dramatically decreased the Banana Warehouse was no longer needed.

Now, it is located in an ideal location to enjoy the river views. Situated at the junction of Pier 1 and Pier 2, it is easy to take in the panoramic views of the Port of Kaohsiung.

Inside the Banana Warehouse, there are displays of information about the banana trade. It is very interesting and worth a visit.

Next to the Banana Warehouse, there are many bars, restaurants and a games arcade for children. Here you can enjoy just a drink and/or some food right beside the water.

The Love River is within 10 minutes walking distance.

Nearby Hotels

Banana Pier Fisherman's Wharf, Kaohsiung, Banana trade, bicycles
Bicycles used to transport bananas

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