There are so many Kaohsiung Attractions to choose from.

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Kaohsiung City

Banana Pier – Former Kaohsiung port for trading bananas

Chengcing Lake – Largest Lake in Kaohsiung with Beautiful Panoramic Views

Cijin Island – Freshest Seafood and Beach in Kaohsiung

Former British Consulate at Dagou – Amazing Views over Kaohsiung

Kaohsiung Harbour – A Wonderful Place to Relax and Explore

Kaohsiung Tower - The Best View over Kaohsiung

Lotus Pond – Mountains, Plants & the Famous Pond

Shoushan Zoo – ┬áLargest Zoo in Southern Taiwan

Singuang Ferry Wharf - A Quiet Getaway

Sizihwan Bay – Amazing Scenery

Syongjhen North Gate - Historic Kaohsiung

The KH Film Archives – Free Movies by the Love River

The Love River – The Centre Piece of Kaohsiung

Kaohsiung County

CishanBanana Farm, Old Town, Hakka Village in Kaohsiung County

Meinong – Famous Hakka Village in Kaohsiung County, Famous for Paper Umbrellas

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