Kaohsiung is a great place  to study for foreign students. There are two major Universities in Kaohsiung each with their own advantages.

The cost of living in Kaohsiung is very low and the climate is warm all year around.

Taiwanese people especially those of Kaohsiung are extremely helpful, honest and friendly.

Kaohsiung is also a very safe city with few acts of aggression or street crime.

It is possible to “get by” in Kaohsiung with little or no knowledge of Chinese, however, Kaohsiung is an excellent place to learn Mandarin or even just pick up a few important words in Mandarin.

Kaohsiung is very metropolitan in the food it offers. It’s easy to find food from all over the world. Check out our food guides for more information.

An individual guide can be reached by clicking below:

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