Global Village Organization

Global Village Organization, Kaohsiung Taiwan
GVO - Jhong Shan 1st Rd, near Kaohsiung Main Station

About GVO Taiwan

Global Village Organization (GVO) is a large foreign language teaching institution. GVO offers a full range of learning styles to students such as on line teaching and audio visual teaching equipment. GVO opens 7 days a week so they can offer their students more flexibility. English teachers may therefore, need to teach ¬†flexible working hours. There are several GVO’s in Kaohsiung.

GVO Pay and Conditions (2010)

  • Salary: Starting from NT$500 per hour
  • Hours: Ranges from 15-25 hours per week. As GVO offer flexible times to the students, it may mean that teachers will work on the weekends.

GVO Contact Details: Tel: 02-555 6 1111 Email:

Useful GVO and Kaohsiung Websites

3 thoughts on “Global Village Organization

  1. To whom it may concern,

    My name is Barret Seifer and I am from Seattle. I vistied Taiwan in November and stopped in at one of your offices. Is there an English language link on your website to apply for a Teaching Position with Global Village in Taiwan?


  2. Dear Hiring Manager:
    I am presently living in Taipei, and would love an opportunity to work for your company. Do you have any campuses in Taipei?
    I have 30 years of teaching english as well as a Master”s degree in Education on all grade levels.
    Please contact me by
    mobile # 0937471135
    I can start when-ever you may need me.

  3. To whom this may concern,
    My name is Bruce Hu and I have recently moved back to live in Taiwan. I currently reside in Kaohsiung at this moment. I am 42 years of age and retired. I lived in Dallas, Texas for over 26 years. I am fluent in English and Spanish. I speak mandarin fluently but unfortunately I have yet master the reading and writing part of the Chinese language. I have no prior professional teaching experience but I am willing to go through the process required to teach. Please advise if I am a possible candidate for any teaching positions available within your organizations. Thank you.

    Best regards,
    Bruce Hu

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