Taiwan Tax

Tax in Taiwan
Taiwan Tax

Information about Tax in Taiwan

The Taiwan tax year runs from 1st January – 31st December, and foreigners must reside in Taiwan for more than 183 days to qualify for the normal Taiwan Tax Rates (see below).

Therefore, arrivals after July 2nd cannot work more than 183 days and consequently will pay 20% tax for that tax year.

Working more more than 183 days within the Taiwan tax year qualifies for the normal Taiwan Tax Rates (see below) which range from 6% – 40% depending on earnings.

The majority of foreign teachers will pay between 6% – 13% as salary’s tend to be withing that bracket.

Foreign teachers can file their annual income taxes in the tax season from March 1 to May 31, and must also complete departure filing when they finish employment and leave Taiwan.

Annual Taiwan Income Tax Rate

  • Up to NT$370,000 6%
  • NT$370,001 to NT$990,000 13%
  • NT$990,001 to NT$1,980,000 21%
  • NT$1,980,001 – NT$3,720,000 30%
  • NT$3,720,001+  40%

Taiwan Tax Websites

  • Taiwan  Tax Administration (Official National Rate): Click Here

Taiwan Tax Offices

  • ADDRESS: No.99, Sec.2, Wunsin RD., Taichung City, Taiwan
  • E-MAIL: tctax062@tctax.gov.tw  Tel. 0800-086969  Service TEL: (04)22585000 FAX: (04)2251-6972

2 thoughts on “Taiwan Tax

  1. I am an American with an ARC and Taiwanese wife. I am arriving in October to teach English. Do I have to pay the high tax rate?…PS….great website!

    1. Thanks Gary,
      Taiwan’s higher rate of tax is based on how much you earn, not where you are from. Most teachers only earn enough to pay the lower rate tax which works out to be out 6%.



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