Three Cups Chicken

Three cups chicken is an extremely fragrant delicious food in Kaohsiung. In Chinese it is called “San Bei Ji” and “San Bei “. It is called three cups because three essential ingredients are added – one cup of soy sauce, one cup of Chinese rice wine and one cup of sesame oil.

Other important ingredients are big strips of ginger, handfuls of garlic cloves and lots of fresh sweet basil which gives the dish lots of flavour. The dish is normally served sizzling in a stone pot and comes with no sauce, as the cooking process of quick steaming evaporates the sauce.

It is normally eaten with a small bowl of rice. You can expect to pay about NT$100-NT$200 per bowl. Three Cups Chicken is an incredibly tasty dish which comes highly recommended.

In Kaohsiung, you can also try the same dish with squid or century egg/preserved egg  (called “Pidan” in Mandarin) rather than chicken, all are equally delicious.

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