Food and Drink

In Kaohsiung, food and drink is a major form of enjoyment and an integral part of Taiwanese culture. You will always see large groups of families or friends out eating lunch or dinner together. ┬áThe older Taiwanese will normally greet each by saying “Ni chi bao le ma?” which means “Have you eaten yet?”. This is their way of saying “Hello“.

Food and drink in Kaohsiung is plentiful and has a mix of many different styles. For example, you can find Taiwanese, Hakka, Sichuan, Cantonese / Dim Sum, Vegetarian, Korean, Japanese or Hot Pot restaurants.

For further information on some of the popular and local cuisine in Kaohsiung, click on the links below:

Beef Noodle Soup

Mapo Doufu

Oyster Omelet

Pearl Milk Tea

Stinky Tofu (found in night markets)

Taiwanese Hot Pot

Three Cups Chicken

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