Festivals and Events in Kaohsiung

A Market on Dragon Boat Day

There are many festivals in Kaohsiung that are celebrated throughout the year. They are colourful and vibrant and will normally take place along the banks of The Love River or at shrines and temples in the city. Tourists are always made to feel welcome, so you can happily join in with the celebrations.

January – The Lantern Festival

Colourful and bright lanterns will be seen. The Kaohsiung Lantern Festival is held on the Love River and the Wufu Rd, Heping Rd and Guangzhou St. There will be music performances and a festive atmosphere.

February – Chinese New Year

One of the most important celebrations of the year. The date will change every year depending on the Lunar calendar. Families will gather together to celebrate. You will hear fireworks, houses are cleaned and new clothes are bought.

March – Birthday of Goddess Matsu

A colourful parade can be seen at the Tienhou Temple.

April – Tomb Sweeping Day

This is where families will pay their respects to the tombs of their loved ones/ancestors.

May – Dragon Boat Festival

You can see the Dragon Boat Races at the Love river.

May – Mother’s Day

Takes place on the second Sunday of the month. An excellent day to go shopping as their will be discounts in many department stores.

June – Yi-Ya Festival

A festival to celebrate the birthday of Yi Ya (Taiwan’s master of culinary art). There will be eating contests and a huge food banquet at the Yi-Ya Temple.

July – Gourmet Food Festival

You can see an eel race, learn new cooking skills and of course taste and try more Taiwanese food.

August – International Beer and Music Festival 2010

This festival was held at the Dream Mall on 13th – 15th August. It celebrated Hip-hop music and was sponsored by 7-11.

September Mid Autumn / Moon Festival

Mid Autumn/Moon Festival – A large fireworks display at the Love River.

This year the festival will fall on Wednesday 22nd September 2010.

Confucius’ Birthday/Teacher’s Day – Confucius’ birthday is celebrated at temples.

October – Double Tenth National Day

November – Zuoying Wannian Festival

Zuoying Wannian Festival – A popular celebrated festival at Lotus Lake in Zuoying.

December – ┬áChristmas

This is not a public holiday but the Taiwanese will celebrate by putting up a tree and decorations.

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