Culture of Taiwan

Taiwanese Aborigines, Taiwan
Taiwanese Aborigines Singing

The Culture of Taiwan is Mixed

The culture of Taiwan is very interesting as it is a mixture of many other cultures like Confucianism Han Chinese, Japanese, European, American and Taiwanese aborigines cultures.

In the past, all these nations have been a part of Taiwan and they have had a great effect on the culture of Taiwan. The people in Taiwan actually came from China so a new concept of multiculturalism has developed.

Taiwan’s Religions

When looking at the religions of Taiwan, there are many including Buddhism, Taoism, and Chinese folk religion. There are also many Christian churches and people worship in these churches according to their beliefs.

The Presbyterian Church in Taiwan is a very famous Christian church in Taiwan. It has a very old history from the times when the Japanese were ruling Taiwan and also during the law period of the Republic of China.

Buddhists are 93% of Taiwan’s populations, 4.5% are Christians and the remaining 2.5% are other religions.

Culture of Taiwan
Taiwanese Culture

Taiwanese Food Culture

The food culture of Taiwan has had a great influence from the west and many western food items are popular in Taiwan such as Subway or Burger King.

One very famous drink in Taiwan, especially in the South of Taiwan such as Kaohsiung is “Bubble Tea”, also known asPearl Milk Tea”. Tea culture in Taiwan has been around since the time of the Japanese ruling.

Japanese cuisine is very popular in Taiwan due to the period when Taiwan was under Japanese rule.

Taiwanese cuisine also has similarities and is influenced from mid to southern provinces of China such as from the Fujian province.

Language in Taiwan

Mandarin Chinese and Taiwanese are the two main languages spoken in Taiwan. Mandarin Chinese is a difficult language to learn. The Taiwanese language is a way that the Taiwanese are able to differentiate themselves from the Mainlanders.

The Hakka people consist of about 10% of Taiwan’s population. The Hakka people speak the Hakka language. To meet the universal need to communicate to the world, English is becoming more widely taught in schools.

Taiwan’s Media

In 1980, Taiwan was under martial law and due to this, the Taiwan media and press have had many restrictions. However, overall the freedom of opinion is welcomed everywhere in Taiwan and this is the reason that worldwide press freedom index has ranked the freedom of press of Taiwan at number 32 among 169 nations.

Taiwan’s Sports Culture

The sports culture of Taiwan, there is a great variety of sports. People like to play badminton, baseball, basketball, golf, martial arts, swimming, table tennis and volleyball.

Taiwan’s Recreation

Taiwanese drama is very famous in the culture of Taiwan. People love to watch drama collectively.

Karaoke is very popular for the people of Taiwan. You will see many KTV places (Karaoke Television) that are open 24 hours.

The Taiwanese love to play Mahjong. In parks or at home, families and friends will group together to play.

Hot Springs are also becoming increasingly more popular. Hengchun near Kenting in South Taiwan has many Hot Springs that are beautiful and relaxing.

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