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Cinemas and Theatres in Taiwan
Sanduo Cinema, Kaohsiung


Ambassador Theatre Taipei

Address: 88 Chendu Road, Taipei Tel: 02-2361-1223

Ambassador Theatre Official Website

Ambassador Theatres@Breeze Center Taipei

Address: 39 Fuxing South Road, Sec. 1, 7th Floor, Taipei Tel: 02- 8772-1234

Breeze Center Official Website

Ambassador Theatres@Global Mall Taipei

Address: 122 Zhongshan Road, Sec. 3, 4th Floor, Taipei County Tel: 02-2226-8088

Global Mall Official Website

Broadway Cineplex Taipei

Address: 200 Roosevelt Road, Sec. 4, 4th Floor, Taipei Tel: 02-8663-6128

Broadway Cineplex Official Website

Governor Cinemas Taipei

Address: 219 Changan East Road, Sec. 2, 5th Floor-1, Taipei Tel: 02-2741-5991, ext. 21

Governor Cinemas Official Website

in89 Digital Cinema Taipei

Address: 89 Wuchang Street, Sec. 2, Taipei Tel: 02-2331-5077

in89 Cinema Official Website

Shin Kong Cineplex Taipei

Address: 36 Xining (HsiNing) South Road, 4th-5th Floor, Taipei Tel: 02-2314-6668

Shin Kong Cineplex Official Website

LUX Cinema Taipei

Address: 85, Wuchang Steet, Sec. 2, 2nd Floor, Taipei Tel: 02- 2311-8628

Wonderful Theatre Taipei

Address: 116, Hanzhong (Hanchung) Street, 7th Floor, Taipei Tel: 02-2331-2270

Wonderful Theatre Official Website

Cinema 7 Taipei

Address: 52 Hanzhong (HanChung) Street, 8th – 11th Floor, Taipei Tel: 02-2381-1339

Cinema 7 Official Website

Showtime Cinemas Taipei

Address: 247 Linsen North Road, Taipei Tel: 02-2537-1889

Showtime Cinemas Official Website

Vie Show Cinemas Taipei Hsin Yi

Address: 20 Songshou Road, Taipei Tel: 02-8780-5566

Vie Show Cinemas Official Website

Vie Show Cinemas Taipei Sun

Address: 87 Wuchang Street, Sec. 2, Taipei Tel: 02-2331-5256

Vie Show Cinemas Official Website

Vie Show Cinemas Taipei Q Square

Address: 209 Civil Blvd, Sec. 1, 5th Floor, Taipei Tel: 02- 2552-5511

Vie Show Cinemas Official Website

Cineplaza Taipei

Address: 3 Lane, 136 Roosevelt Road, Sec. 4, Taipei Tel: 02- 2367-8999

Cineplaza Official Website


Vie Show Cinemas Kaohsiung

Address: 21 Sanduo 4th Road, 13th Floor (FE21′ Mega, Kaohsiung) Tel: 07-972-8888

Vie Show Cinemas Official Website

Universal Cinema Kaohsiung

Address: 108 Dashun 3rd Road, Kaohsiung Tel: 07-722-0066

Universal Cinema Official Website

Shiquan Theater

Address: 21, Shiquan 2nd Road, Kaohsiung Tel: 07-311-7141 (Second-Run/Double-Feature Theater)

Hechun Theater Kaohsiung

Address: 391 Jianxing Road, Kaohsiung Tel: 07-384-7686 (Second-Run/Double-Feature Theater)

Hechun Theater Official Website

Meichilai Kaohsiung

Address: 161 Shiquan 1st Road, Kaohsiung Tel: 07-321-0663

Meichilai Official Website

Cinemark Kaohsiung

Address: 789 Zhonghua 5th Road, 8th Floor, Kaohsiung Tel: 07- 970-2000

Oscar Digital Theatres Kaohsiung

Address: 287 Renzhi Street, Kaohsiung Tel:07-241-2128

Oscar Digital Theaters Official Website

Tung Ya Cinema Kaohsiung

Address: 160-1 Lizhi Street, Fongshan City, Kaohsiung County Tel: 07-746-2511

Tung Ya Cinema Official Website


Chin Chin Taichung

Address: 14 Peitun Road, Taichung Tel: 04-2231-9111

Chin Chin Official Website

8 1/2 Classic Theatre Taichung

Address: 592 Hueiwen Road, Taichung Tel: 04- 2252-0661

Universal Cinema City (UCC) Taichung

Address: 1-1 Chunghua Rd, Sec. 1, Taichung Tel: 04-2224-2588 (Second-Run/Double-Feature Theater)

UCC Official Website

Sunrise Taichung

Address: 58 Chunghua Road, Sec. 1, Taichung Tel: 04-2223-6757

Sunrise Official Website

Shin Kong Cineplex Taichung

Address: 111 Taichung Kang Road, Sec. 2, 13th-14th Floor (Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Department Store), Taichung Tel: 04-2258-9911

Shin Kong Cineplex Official Website

Vie Show Cinemas Taichung Durban

Address: 186 Fushing Road, Sec. 4, 4th-5th Floor (Taichung Central Mall) Tel: 04-3608-5566

Vie Show Cinemas Official Website

Vie Show Cinemas Taichung Tiger City

Address: 120-1 Henan Road, Sec. 3, 4th-6th Floor (Tiger City), Taichung Tel: 04-3606-5566

Vie Show Cinemas Official Website

Wonderful Cinemas Taichung

Address: 38 Gongyuan Road, Taichung Tel: 04-2221-0356 (Second-Run/Double-Feature Theater)

Wonderful Cinemas Official Website

First Theater Taichung

Address: 135 Luchuan Street, 4th Floor, Taichung Tel: 04-2223-1472 (Second-Run/Double-Feature Theater)

Feng Yuan Taichung

Address: 137 Zhongzheng Road, Fengyuan City, Taichung County Tel: 04-2526-0036-2526-0038

Feng Yuan Official Website


Vie Show Cinemas Tainan

Address: 60 Gongyuan Road, 8th Floor (FE21′ Mega, Tainan) Tel: 06-600-5566

Vie Show Cinemas Official Website

Ambassador Theatre Tainan

Address: 66/88 Zhonghua East Road, Sec. 1, Tainan Tel: 06-234-7166

Ambassador Theatre Official Website

Shin Kong Cineplex Tainan

Address: 658 Ximen Road, Sec. 1, 7th-9th Floor (Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Department Store, Tainan Ximen) Tel: 06-303-1260

Shin Kong Cineplex Official Website

Quanmei Theater Tainan

Address: 187 Yongfu Road, Sec. 2, Tainan Tel: 06-222-4726 (Second-Run/Double-Feature Theater)

Quanmei Theater Official Website

Jinri Theater Tainan

Address: 249 Zhongzheng Road, Tainan Tel: 06-220-5151 (Second-Run/Double-Feature Theater)

Madou Tainan

Address: 106 Xingzhong Road, Madou Town, Tainan County Tel: 06-572-2159

Note: All cinema & theatre websites above are in Chinese

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