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Kaohsiung International Airport Taiwan
Main Entrance to Airport

Kaohsiung International Airport is relatively new, and is well designed, modern and convenient . It’s a medium sized airport with professional and friendly staff. Best of all it’s rarely crowded.

When arriving in Kaohsiung, it rarely takes more than 15 minutes to leave the plane, pass immigration, and pick up your luggage. Likewise, leaving from Kaohsiung is very simple and a painless process.

If you check in online before hand with hand luggage only, it can sometimes take as little as 5 minutes to get into the departure lounge.

There are frequent flights to and from Kaohsiung airport to Hong Kong airport which takes about 1 and a half hours.

Hong Kong is a popular stop off to change planes on route to other countries such as the UK or mainland Europe. It’s also a popular destination for visa runs.

TIP: Kaohsiung departure lounge is very tranquil, spotless and eye catching. However, there are not a wide variety of places to eat or drink.  If you cannot wait for your flight, you can always grab that coffee before you get to the airport.

Getting from Kaohsiung Airport to Kaohsiung City Centre

The 2 most popular methods of getting into the Kaohsiung City Centre are via the Kaohsiung MRT (metro) or taxi.

The Metro is very easy for English people, and it’s actually much quicker and cheaper than a taxi (It costs about NT$20 one way. The station entrance is within the airport itself, and the Kaohsiung MRT is very modern, clean and safe.

The Metro takes about 15 minutes to get into the centre of Kaohsiung. A taxi into the city centre will cost about NT$300 and can take 30 – 60 minutes depending on traffic and your destination.

There are usually plenty of taxis available at the Kaohsiung Airport , but keep in mind that in general taxi drivers speak very little English. Therefore, it is best to have the hotel name, road, and number written down in Traditional Chinese Characters.

Despite the language difficulties, the taxi drivers are really friendly and helpful.

Address: No.2, Jhongshan 4th Rd., Siaogang District, Kaohsiung City 812. Tel: 0800-090-108 (Free)

Official Kaohsiung Airport Website: Kaohsiung International Airport

How to get there:

Metro / Underground

  • Take the Red Line and get off at R4 (not R4a). Everything is clearly sign posted and very easy for tourists.

Airlines that fly from Kaohsiung International Airport:

Air Macau

American Airlines

Cathay Pacific Airways

China Airlines

Continental Airlines

Dragon Airlines Limited

EVA Airways

Far Eastern Airlines (Taiwan Domestic)

Japan Airways

Malaysia Airlines

Mandarin Airlines

Trans Asia Airways

Uni Airways Corporation – Website is Chinese Only

United Airlines

Vietnam Airlines

Recommendation: The authors of this website have flown to and from Kaohsiung to Hong Kong many times with with Dragon Air (owned by Cathy Pacific), and they have been superb.

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