Speak Mandarin Review

Speakmandarin Beijing Chinese Teachers

Speak Mandarin Review

Speak Mandarin is a great way to learn Chinese online. This online Chinese language software offers many ways for users to learn Mandarin Chinese. From one on one classes to group classes, users can take advantage of many opportunities to learn to speak the language fluently. Plus, users can work at their own pace, any time, and anywhere.

Learn Chinese Online with Custom Classes

One of the benefits of Speak Mandarin is that the classes are available literally any time and anywhere. They are customized to the needs of each user so they can learn Mandarin Chinese at their own pace. The classes are live, fully interactive, and supported by a live teacher. There are also a full set of study materials that are free for all users.

The teachers help users customize their courses based on their interests, needs, and previous knowledge of the language. For users who don’t want to customise the course, Speak Mandarin offers predefined courses that will help users learn to speak Chinese. All of these courses are taught one on one with the assistance of a live person who is a native speaker.

Learn to Speak Mandarin from Qualified Teachers

All the teachers at Speak Mandarin are native speaking Mandarin Chinese speakers from the top colleges in China. Learning from real people who come from the native land helps users learn to speak Chinese comfortably and more fluently.

Interactive Whiteboard Technology

The virtual classroom of Speak Mandarin helps users learning Chinese understand the concepts of the language. Through the use of audiovisual aids and live chat, users will learn Mandarin online more fluently. The classes can be recorded as well so that they can be replayed later to help further the user’s comprehension of the lesson.

A Convenient Way to Learn Mandarin Online

Users can schedule classes around their own schedule, so they can learn to speak Mandarin in their own time. This makes the Chinese language software really convenient to use. Users can choose teachers based on personal needs, learning style, and personality. They can also send messages and questions to teachers to help tailor lessons to their own needs.

Visual Results Adds to Confidence

Speak Mandarin allows users to track their progress. They can see how much they have learned and can even make adjustments to keep learning Chinese easy and fun for them. Users can see what lessons they have taken and how well they did on each of them. They can choose to retake lessons which they want to practice more. The system is fully backed by a money back guarantee, too.

Start For Free and Learn Chinese Online

Users can take advantage of the free 25 minute trial lesson with a professional coach to begin learning Mandarin Chinese. Speak Mandarin does not require a credit card or any other form of payment before this free session, so there is nothing to lose. Users just pick the time that is best for them and then try out a session at no charge.

Speak Mandarin Home Schoolers Course
Speak Mandarin Home Schoolers Course

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