Rocket Chinese Premium Review

Rocket Languages Chinese Friendly Interface
Rocket Chinese Friendly Interface

Rocket Chinese – Review

A comprehensive way to study Mandarin Chinese

Rocket Chinese Premium is one of the most comprehensive systems for learning Chinese.  Online interactive courses allow users to learn Mandarin Chinese at their own pace and in their own time, which makes it both easy and convenient.

  • Positive, Comprehensive Learning Techniques
  • Chinese Certification
  • Games
  • Interactive Learning
  • Huge amount of material

This Chinese language software uses modern, conversational Chinese to help build a more common knowledge and understanding of the Chinese language. Here’s what Rocket Chinese Premium offers with this 31-lesson program:

Easy Interactive Conversational Audio Lessons

Each of the 31 lessons in the Rocket Chinese Premium system can be accessed anytime, anywhere online, on an MP3 player, or in a radio. Each audio lesson is about 28 minutes long, so it fits into nearly any time schedule. The interactive audio lessons encourage conversational Chinese through transcripts of conversations so that users learn to speak Chinese.

Interesting Language and Culture Lessons

You can’t speak the language if you don’t understand it, so Rocket Chinese offers these cultural lessons to help users better understand the language and speak more confidently. These lessons will help users navigate through Chinese speaking countries easier and more confidently.

By watching videos, users can better understand how to read and write the Chinese writing system and ultimately increase their knowledge and understanding of the spoken language. This program doesn’t just help you learn Mandarin Chinese; it teaches you to read it and write it as well.

Fun Games

The MegaChinese Software Games are a fun way to learn verbal recognition of Chinese words. The games are easy to access, and users can download Chinese language software games to any computer. All of the games are interactive and give real time feedback.

MegaVocab helps users build their Chinese vocabulary, while MegoAudio helps users improve their verbal and audio understanding and recognition. The games can be played by any of the users, no matter what level of Chinese they speak while they are learning Chinese.

Confidence Builders

Rocket Chinese Premium has a lot of tests to help users know how they are progressing in their comprehension and understanding of the Chinese language. Certification tests equivalent to the A1 and A2 levels of the Common European Frame of Reference for Languages are available, and the certificate will be emailed straight to the user’s inbox.

Help When You Need It

If users need help understanding a particular word or phrase, they can go to the Rocket Chinese Learners’ forum and get help from teachers, native speakers, and other more experienced students.

Cheap and Easy to Use

Rocket Chinese Premium will save users a lot of money compared to other ways they can learn Mandarin Chinese. This Chinese language software costs less than one third the cost of a private tutor.

It is one of the cheapest and most comprehensive ways to learn Chinese online and off.

Free Bonus!

The Rocket Chinese Premium system also comes with a Survival Kit, a Chinese language software that helps users focus on the pronunciation of the most common words and phrases. It compliments the program and helps users learn Mandarin Chinese easier.

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