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Learn Chinese from Movies - From Movies Learn Chinese
Learn Chinese from Movies

Learn Chinese from Chinese Movies - Review

A Fun Way to Learn Chinese

“Learn from Chinese Movies” is one of the most interesting and innovative methods for learning Mandarin Chinese that we have come across.

The big idea is to learn Chinese in a passive, fun and exciting way. This involves learning Chinese through watching 10 great Chinese Films with unique subtitles.

Subtitles Makes Learning Chinese Easy

The major tool offered by “Learn from Chinese Movies” is a special piece of software which plays video player (PC & Mac Compatible). The creators have pre-selected 10 high profile Chinese Movies which they call “The 10 Greatest Chinese Movies Ever” and configured them to display 4 sets of subtitles;

  • Simplified or Traditional Chinese Characters
  • Hanyu Pinyin
  • English Subtitles
  • Literal English Translation

Hanyu Pinyin – Translating Chinese Characters

Hanyu Pinyin is the most popular method used for foreigners learning Chinese. Hanyu Pinyin is a method of translating Chinese Characters into one syllable sounds using Western Alphabets.

However, because many Chinese words are pronounced the same, the Chinese characters are often needed while learning to deduce the correct meaning.

It’s practically impossible to learn Chinese without learning first the Chinese Pinyin. Unfortunately, because Pinyin is not a language or a dialect, it’s rarely provided as a subtitle option within films.

Furthermore, it’s really the combination of Pinyin and Chinese Characters together that are needed to master Chinese.

Having the literal translation in English is also very helpful when learning Chinese because the word order is often different to English, and the Chinese often omit words.

learn Chinese from movies 4 subtitles
Learn Mandarin from Movies using 4 subtitles

Recommendation When Watching Chinese Movies

  • The creators of “Learn Chinese from Movies” recommend pausing the film after each sentence and practice reading out loud the Hanyu subtitles, do this 2 – 3 times.
  • Finally watch the film as normal and comprehension should dramatically increase.

In fact they claim that after watching all 10 Chinese films, that the students will be exposed to and comprehend over 3000 of the Most Commonly Used Chinese Characters.

The 10 Greatest Chinese Movies Ever

The “Greatest Chinese Movies Ever” are listed below.

  • A World Without Thieves
  • Crouching Dragon Hidden Tiger
  • Kings of Masks
  • Curse of the Golden Flower
  • Hero
  • Lost in Beijing
  • Empire of Silver
  • House of Flying Daggers
  • Shower

TIP: Remember to read the small print!! – The software initially only comes with one film; “Spring in a Small Town”.

The other 9 films must be purchased and played with the video software. They are available to purchase through itunes and Netflix and the links are provided.

At USD 27.00 for the digital download, it’s not a bad price compared to other “Learn Mandarin Courses” out there.

Bonus Chinese Studying Material Included

The remaining parts of the course are:

  • For the free movie, a Complete Transcript that includes the entire dialog of the movie; Chinese Characters, Hanyu Pinyin & English
  • For the 9 NEW movies, the same transcript format, but no word-for-word English.
  • Complete vocabulary list for all 10 movies
  • Flashcard Package for all 10 movies containing all of the Chinese character used in the movie.
  • LearnChineseFromMovies (LCFM) “On-the-Go Video Package” – which is basically the whole DVD movie with Magic subtitles in video formats that can be played in any portable device (cell/mobile phone, iPhone/iPod, etc).
  • A 3 month study guide program that will get you reading most of a Chinese newspaper in no time.
  • A “secret” Chinese character remembering method that instantly reveals the mystery of why each Chinese character is written the way it is.
  • A Chinese Dictionary that can be installed on any cell phone / mobile phone with over  80,000 Chinese words and phrases.
  • A 300 page Guide included including all the tricks learned from the creators over 6 years.

Learn Mandarin from Movies on your phone or pda
Learn Mandarin from Movies on your phone or pda

Free Online Chinese Course

Not sold yet? The creators are also offering a FREE 25 minute course to make you “Fluent in Chinese“.

Fluent in 25 minutes is probably a bit  far fetched, but the free lesson is good way to “try before you buy“. Basically there is nothing to lose!

Preview, Buy, or get free trial here

Have you tried this course?

We welcome any feedback and reviews.

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