Euro Talk Mandarin Chinese – Review

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Eurotalk Mandarin Chinese

Euro Talk Mandarin Chinese – Review

Learn the Chinese language confidently

EuroTalk’s Premium Set Chinese (Mandarin) contains everything a person needs to learn the Chinese language confidently. It includes five different Chinese language software programs that will help the user increase vocabulary, learn common phrases, and learn to speak in conversational Chinese.

This combination program will help everyone from children to adults learn to speak Mandarin Chinese with ease. The interactive games and fun learning environment engage and encourage learning and retention. The Premium Set Chinese (Mandarin) is so fun and easy that even kids will enjoy learning Chinese.

Learn Mandarin Chinese the Easy Way

Talk Now Chinese (Mandarin) teaches the very basics of the Chinese language. It includes 9 interactive games designed to motivate, stimulate, and encourage learning. Users will learn Mandarin Chinese basics like colors, common greetings, and other common phrases.

The games can be played again and again, and the scores can even be saved and printed out as a hard copy record of achievement. Talk Now Chinese (Mandarin) is the first step in getting ready for a trip overseas.


Teaching Children Chinese is Fun

Vocabulary Builder Chinese (Mandarin) teaches children to read and speak Mandarin Chinese through a step by step system that teaches words and verbal comprehension. First, kids learn new words. Then, they can play 3 different interactive games using the words they have learned.

The Chinese lessons for children are designed to keep a child’s attention and stimulate the mind through exciting games. The Vocabulary Builder Chinese (Mandarin) even helps kids make up their own story in Chinese. Even though this program has Chinese lessons for children, adults can learn from these vocabulary games, too.


Learn Chinese Software Just for Teens

While Vocabulary Builder Chinese (Mandarin) focuses on young children through age 12, Talk the Talk Chinese (Mandarin) is designed for teenagers who like to socialize. It teaches common words and phrases teens use in normal conversation. Teenagers can record themselves speaking Chinese and then play it back to see how they sound.

Teens learn to speak Chinese using interactive games that invite situations common to teenagers. Plus, the games use a scoring system, and most teenagers can’t resist trying to beat their own score. Teens will learn to speak Mandarin and to apply it to their lives.


Learn Mandarin Chinese for Everyday Life

Talk More Chinese (Mandarin) focuses on complete sentences and conversational Chinese. Users learn to speak Chinese in very common situations like dining out, traveling, shopping, and many other common situations. This Chinese language software uses videos featuring native speakers as well as fun interactive games to help users retain what they have learned. Users can also record themselves speaking the language and then play it back to compare their tones with those of the native speakers.


Learn Chinese Language Usage

World Talk Chinese (Mandarin) teaches users to speak Mandarin Chinese in nearly every situation and how to use it in everyday life. This Chinese language software uses 10 different interactive games to help users learn Mandarin Chinese with confidence.

Users will find that they are learning Chinese fluently as they record and listen to themselves speaking Chinese. World Talk Chinese (Mandarin) also includes quizzes to test what has been learned.

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