ChinesePod – Review

ChinesePod Conversation Lessons
ChinesePod Conversation Lessons

ChinesePod – Review

ChinesePod is a unique way to learn Chinese. Rather than just downloading or ordering software and working through it yourself at your own pace, ChinesePod offers a really comprehensive combination of Chinese language software with easy study tools and real teachers who help with each lesson.

Learning to speak Chinese is easy when users get to interact with real people.


Download Chinese Language Anywhere

Audio lessons make up the core instruction for ChinesePod. More than 1500 lessons are broken into topical and contextual units for better comprehension. The lessons can be downloaded onto an MP3 player or an iPhone so that users can learn to speak Mandarin virtually anywhere by listening to the audio lessons. Users can also download Chinese language transcripts that match the audio lessons, so they can read what is being said.


Learn Mandarin Online, Too

Not only can users download Chinese language audio lessons and transcripts, but they can also listen to them online. That makes it easy for users to access them any time and anywhere. The lessons are only about 10-15 minutes long, so they fit in nearly any schedule. Because the units are topical, users can get immersed in the language to help them learn to speak Chinese comfortably and fluently within that situation. They can go back and listen to lessons over again to help increase their understanding, too.


Learning to Speak Chinese Step by Step

ChinesePod uses step by step learning techniques that are designed to increase memorization and retention. Each task helps users to break down the conversations to which they are listening so that they can learn Mandarin Chinese easier and understand it better.

Listing requires pulling vocabulary from its context. This helps with fluency and retention when learning Chinese. Ordering and sorting helps users build confidence as they learn and expand on language functions that are required as they learn to speak Chinese.

Comparing information helps users develop their language skills as they list, sort, and compare information about to similar, yet different, items. This task helps them begin to understand how to use the language as they are learning Chinese language usage.

Problem solving lets users speak freely in Chinese regarding a presented situation. This task is essential to helping users learn Mandarin Chinese in conversations.

Users give answers to open-ended questions that allow them to use conversational Chinese with a teacher. Speaking conversationally helps users develop their fluency while learning the Chinese language.

Other Mandarin Tools

Along with the audio lessons and step by step tasks, ChinesePod has other tools that can help user learn Mandarin Chinese easier. These include dialogues with translation, vocabulary in context, flashcards in both Pinyin and Chinese Characters, and comprehension exercises to help reinforce the lesson. All of the tools are available with the Chinese language software.

ChinesePod – Mobile Chinese App

ChinesePod has real native speaking Chinese teachers who actually talk with users either on Skype or on their mobile phone. These real life conversations help users learn to speak Mandarin fluently and accurately. Users will become more confident in their ability to speak Chinese.


ChinesePod Mobile App
ChinesePod Mobile App
ChinesePod Girl Listening
ChinesePod Girl Listening

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