Kenichi Ohmae tells Kaohsiung to embrace China

Japanese economic strategist Kenichi Ohmae gave a talk at the Splendor hotel in Kaohsiung just a few days ago, his first visit since January 2009. His task was to advise Kaohsiung on how it can become more competitive worldwide, and best develop its local economy. Mr Kenichi is extremely qualified for this role. He has written over 180 books on business, economic, political and sociological issues. The Economist magazine once named him as one of the top 5 management gurus in the world.  He’s also known worldwide as “Mr Strategy”.

On his previous visit his main advice centered Kaohsiung developing it’s own brand and trying to attract IT companies and positioning Kaohsiung as one of Asia’s great IT hub. The local council were keen learn more from My Ohmae, especially now that China and Taiwan recently signed the Economic Framework Cooperation Agreement (ECFA) .

On this most recent talk, Ohmae advise really focused on Taiwan welcoming Chinese business, and putting political differences to one side. He said that China offers huge opportunities for Taiwan’s economic growth and development.  He went on to use Japan’s fear of Chinese tourism as an example. This has since vanished and recent figures indicate 2 million Chinese visitors to Japan last year.  In short, don’t fear China, but embrace it through commerce for the good of all.

Kenichi Ohmae Official website: Ohmae and Associates Group

The China Post have more details here: Kaohsiung should embrace China, world, Ohmae says

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