The Marathon is coming to Kaohsiung for a 2nd time

The 2011 Kaohsiung International Marathon Mizuno Cup

The Marathon is coming to Kaohsiung for the second time!

When: Sunday 20th February, 6:30 am

Where: National Stadium, Kaohsiung Metro: World Games Station on the Red Line (R17)

The 2011 Kaohsiung Marathon will take place at the National Stadium (where the World Games 2009 also took place).

The event this year will feature the Full Marathon (42.195 km), Half Marathon (23.1996 km), a 10.1338 km run, a Fun Run (3.58 km) and a Roller Skating Marathon (23.1996 km).

2010 Kaohsiung Marathon

The 2010 Kaohsiung Marathon attracted 20,000 people. It was the biggest marathon in 15 years and people from all over the world took part.

How to get to the National Stadium:

Metro / Underground

  • Take the Red Line to the “World Games” Station (R17)


  • Zuoying Train Station

Places to Stay in Kaohsiung

If your staying in Kaohsiung to watch or participate in the marathon, then there are some great hotels in and around Kaohsiung City. Check Promotions

Find out more details about The 2011 Kaohsiung International Marathon

2 thoughts on “The Marathon is coming to Kaohsiung for a 2nd time

  1. I read your article about marathon is coming to Kaohsiung for a second time.Its very useful to know that Kaohsiung do have marathon and also you write about how and what metro/underground to get to the national stadium.I did not know there is a place called Kaohsiung until I saw in google -travel Kaohsiung.Looking at your website,maybe next year I will go to Kaohsiung and visit all the interesting places you wrote.Thanks.

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