Kaohsiung Film Festival 2010 Starts Tomorrow

The Kaohsiung Film Festival 2010 starts tomorrow

The Kaohsiung Film Festival 2010 starts tomorrow with a wide variety of films and languages.

The first English language film to show is “Sounds Like A Revolution”. It’s a Canadian / American film about the journey of Michael Franti, Fat Mike, Paris, and Anti-Flag who started their careers when corporate consolidation in the music industry began to make it virtually impossible for political artists to be heard in the mainstream. But these four artists became pioneers, setting an example for many to follow as they were forced to invent new and unique ways to sidestep and breakthrough every attempt to censor them.

Sounds Like A Revolution

Sounds Like A Revolution Cover 2
Sounds Like A Revolution

“Full of concert and political action footage, the doc has terrific energy. But it’s the interviews with the articulate musicians that are most inspiring.” NOW Magazine

Film Schedule

The film is currently showing at the following dates and times at the Kaohsiung Film Archives:

Friday 22nd October  2010 : 18:10

Sunday 24th October 2010: 18:30

Tuesday 02 November 2010: 18:40

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