Kaohsiung Voted Top 5 Biking Cities in Asia

CNNGo has voted Kaohsiung, Taiwan as being one of the top 5 locations in Asia for biking. The other top four cities were Kyoto Japan, Beijing China, JeJu South Korea, and Singapore. The major reason citied was the 150km of bike paths available in Kaohsiung and the massive city wide C-bike rental scheme.

I would add to CNN’s reasons that Kaoshiung’s cycling is also extremely scenic. Biking along the Love River is very relaxing, and for thrill seekers, biking up Zhong Shan Mountain has amazing sea views and in a great workout. My other bias for Kaohsiung is that the climate is warm all year around, so biking is possible 365 days a year.

Kaohsiung city actually feels like it was designed for bikes. If you are here for only a short stay then renting is very cheap and easy from the many goverment provided automated stands around the city. See our guide below for more details on how to use them.

Click here for the CNNGo Top 5 Biking Cities in Asia

Click here for my guide to renting bikes in Kaohsiung

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