Kaohsiung’s Amphibious Vehicle

Kaohsiung’s Amphibious Vehicle is a great and interesting way to do a sightseeing tour of Kaohsiung City. The vehicle can travel on both land and water. It is often called the “Duck Boat“.

The Amphibious Vehicle takes passengers along the famous Love River. The tour covers 20 minutes of sightseeing on land and 40 minutes on water. The vehicle is easy to recognise as the front is shaped like a duck’s head.

Ticket Prices:

  • Full Fare NT$120 per person
  • Half Fare NT$60 (For children under 12, 65+ senior, people with disabilities)

Citizens of Kaohsiung City / County with ID Cards:

  • Full Fare NT$ 80
  • Half Fare NT$ 40

Available Tour Times:

  • 11 am – 5 pm, Tuesday – Sunday

Boarding Places and Ticket Purchase Locations:

  • 3. Kaohsiung Rapid Transit Zuoying Station (Exit 2)


Orange Line – Sat – Sun

1. Pier-2 Art Center – Glory Wharf (between Wufu Bridge and Jhongjheng Bridge) – Pier-2 Art Center

Green Line – Tue – Fri

2. Dream Mall – Glory Wharf (between Wufu Bridge and Jhongjheng Bridge) – Dream Mall

3. Taiwan Railway Administration Zuoying Station – Lotus Pond (round trip) – Taiwan Railway Administration Zuoying Station

Charter and Reservation Tel: 07-286-6188 / 07-749-8668 ext.5602

Information Centre On Site Tel: 0975-738-897

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